The Most Popular Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends in 2021

“The Zoom Era”

Things shift and diverge significantly with the COVID completely stepping in every part of the world and taking over each one's way of living that no one ever sees forthcoming.

With Zoom meetings and working from home set-up, culture took precedence over face-to-face meetings, paving the way for a considerable professional impression and style transformation. This definitely affected the jewelry industry since

"Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear."

 Almost every professional woman across the globe agrees that work from home culture cut short on travel time and expenses. But it became highly exhausting with Zoom meetings, and almost everyone has started to go easy on their appearance and outward look. Sweatpants, pajamas, or plain shirts became the "new normal." This thriving culture is impacting productivity negatively. So many went back to dressing themselves as professionally fashionable as possible while wearing shorts or sweatpants. Recent research suggests that clothes influence how we feel or carry ourselves to the point that they empower us.

Now let's talk about the jewelry trends that are making a difference in this Zoom era. Sterling Silver is restructuring and freshening its prominence and relevance as a fashion trend for its durability, affordability, and versatility. It feels like nothing can beat the Silver attitude and character anytime soon. Truth be told, sterling silver jewelry rings, necklaces, and earrings are becoming an integral part of day-to-day activities for celebrities to instill grace and for non-celebrities to project their fashion sense and commitment.

From pendants to pearls, fashion jewelry keeps pushing people to go for the latest, trending, and unique designs. A masterpiece of jewelry is essential for a striking look in the period of virtual communication. Just add the much-needed style to your personality with the hottest and most popular sterling silver jewelry trends of 2021 here and check out which one works for you!

  • 2021 is Sterling Silver Time of the Year

Now is the season for sterling silver to steal the spotlight with its affordable style that goes the distance, with limitless designs that will last for years to come.

Sterling Silver Earrings

When it comes to Zoom meetings, the first thing we think of is keeping it professional at the top and cozy at the bottom, and earrings are a great way to accomplish this! You can really make a statement with a spectacular pair of earrings. They are really the perfect way to express yourself as it is worn so close to the face. Your handmade sterling silver earrings can make a statement to everyone who sees you.

Here at Lotus Fun, we love creating jewelry that lets you express your individuality and uniqueness. That is why our sterling silver earring collection offers beautiful pieces in a wide variety of styles and colors.

  • Colorful Drop Earrings

Colorful drop sterling silver earrings are the perfect way to brighten up your appearance. Sterling silver drop earrings come in many shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone. See these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that can pretty much jazz up any outfit, and it doesn’t make a variation if you are just wearing pajamas!

Blooming Flower Arch Earring

Butterfly Wings Earring

Cloud Tassel Raindrops Earring

  • Charming Stud Earrings

You can never go amiss with a pair of charismatic stud sterling silver earrings. These handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces add a special extra touch to any look subtlety. Sterling silver stud earrings concentrate their beauty on the earlobe, and because they are discreet, they pair beautifully with most styles of necklaces ad pendants. See our vast collection of fun charm stud earrings that will become a staple in your virtual meeting wardrobe. Check them out today at our online store, Lotus Fun.

Hexagon Stud Earring

Vintage Flower Stud

Dragonfly Stud Earring

  • Mismatched Earrings or Asymmetric Earrings

In this virtual era called Zoom Era, the quirky asymmetric earrings unquestionably tailor and satisfy the needs of the public. If you have not tried a pair of mismatched sterling silver earrings, now is the perfect time to experiment and reinvigorate your style.  The asymmetric design has gained instant popularity across the world as the asymmetric earrings attracted countless fashionistas. It satisfies all girls, even boys, who want to wear two pairs of earrings of different shapes at a time. It only changes a few minor details to create stunning effects inadvertently.

Asymmetric Dangle Earring

Rose Petals Earring

Love Arrow Earring

  • Miniature Huggie Hoop Earrings

Huggie sterling silver earrings are one of the most famous jewelry types recently. They are called "huggie" because they are meant to wrap tightly around the earlobe.

Women, especially those on the go, love huggy earrings because they don’t get tangled with their hair, clothes, or other accessories. Huggie earrings are comfortable, stylish and will make you look fabulous without fear of looking outdated in your choice of jewelry.

Check out these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces perfect for everyday wear and will add some sparkle to your ensemble without going overboard. They're practical transitional pairs to go from work to after-work drinks.

Spiral Earring

Acanthus Leaf Earring

Sterling Silver Necklaces

When it comes to Zoom jewelry, you cannot miss a good necklace, and they are a must-have accessory of any zoom-worthy look. We have a broad assortment of sterling silver necklace collections to suit any occasion. At Lotus Fun, we are fired up about creating and designing beautiful necklaces because we want you to be able to show off your uniqueness and add something special to every day.

Check out these bestseller sterling silver necklaces and shop now at our online store, Lotus Fun, for more options that can complement your outfit for the day all year long!

Dripping Honey & Bee Necklace

Hollow Butterfly Wings Necklace

Sterling Silver Pendant

The year 2021 is demanding, and so does the boss lady of today, not settling for less, and why should they? When they have all this stunning jewelry by their side. The designers took the demands very seriously and provided the best-in-class jewelry trend for the jewelry enthusiasts with these changing tides. They made pendants the new hot trend, and these stunning jewel pieces are redefining the way women dress. They are making the latest rise in the low with the touch of grace and slight shimmer. These reinvented pendants with modernized touch can be teamed up with casual or party wear to complement and complete the look. These nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces can be worn daily and will add the oomph factor to even your work-from-home outfit.

My Little Garden Pendant

Pencil Shavings Pendant

  • Smashingly picture-perfect in Pearls

Pearl has always been elegant and gentle. It is befitting to be extra popular in modern-day and fashionable jewelry. Pearls are persisting to sparkle and shine more these days for their nobility and elegance.

Our creative artisans break the traditional pattern of pearl designs by combining pearls with sterling silver to create more possibilities and bring surprises from another angle. Try onto yourself and see how quickly these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces adapt to different occasions and clothing colors.

At present, pearl jewelry is no longer constrained or held only by our dear grandmas or a specific group of noble ladies. It is also worn by today’s young girls and millennials.  These girls wanted to wear pearl jewelry to increase cuteness and playfulness.

See these top-selling handmade sterling silver jewelry made of pearls that become one of the leading women's fashion jewelry trends this year! You can ever wear these new pearls with your pajamas, and they will add extra glitter to your monotonous work-from-home outfit and make it shine.

Triangle Pearl Earring

Pearl Leaf Ring

Elegant Ballerina Pendant

  • Metal Ball Jewelry

The sterling silver ball jewelry captures more attention when worn during the daytime. Due to the distinctive brooding characteristics, a small world is hidden in the spherical-shaped jewelry pieces. The most significant advantage of spherical-shaped sterling silver jewelry pieces is that they are suitable for matching various clothing styles, presenting a variety of different styles, such as retro and modern.

Dreaming Cat Pendant and Dreaming Cat Ring

Look at our Dreaming Cat Pendant, and Dreaming Cat Ring crafted to a sphere resembling our magnificent Earth, a darling silver cat handcrafted in such a way that it seems to be dreaming on the ground, below a hovering cloud. A fascinating one-of-a-kind art piece.

Vintage Cloud Round Earring and Vintage Cloud Round Pendant

Also, check our Vintage Cloud Round Earring and Vintage Cloud Round Pendant. Each one has a specific antiquity vibe that attracts women to look at it and try it on. The design is inspired by our artisans' admiration for the beauty of clouds.  The alluring vibe and simplicity of this nature-inspired jewelry will surely bring out your classic beauty on your casual dress or go-to-work outfit.

  • Take on a renewed glimpse at the Gemstone Sterling Silver Jewelry

During these challenging times, what one needs is a slight glimmer of hope, and what else works for a lady better than jewelry, right! That’s why to lift up your mood and bring back the shine, the jewelry designers are putting countless more effort into bringing back the fading spark with alluring pieces of jewelry in your life.

Gemstone jewelry is the newest hot plate trend of the year 2021, and why not? They look elegant and provide you with incredible healing and calming effects, which you will appreciate in these challenging times. All you need is some enticing jewelry with the benefits that you can count on.

The gems that have been drawing the most attention are birthstones. Birthstones are such an effortless reward for yourself and a simple yet memorable gift for someone else. They take away the stress from what someone would feel just by glancing at a piece of classic favorite jewelry, urging a wow factor on its design details.

Here at Lotus Fun, we are committed to delivering stunning handmade jewelry pieces and making sure you have what you are looking for. We got you covered, just check out our blog section on birthstones for your birthday month and be amazed by the rich heritage, secrets, stories to tell, meanings, and benefits your birthstone instilled for you.

Sterling Silver - Agate Jewelry

The enchanting agate is remarked for its graceful designs and sophisticated swirls and loops, giving charisma and spectacle to the plainest of jewelry pieces. With the distinctive colors, shapes, and eye-getting designs, agate is the assortment of chalcedony with exceptional and matchless banded designs.

Have a look at how our artisans bring these handmade silver jewelry pieces into a work of art, making the most enticing jewelry for everyone to boast.

I Will Scream Pendant

Agate Lotus Earring

  • Dashing and Glitzy Celestial Impression

Fashion and jewelry designers have recently been inspired by all things celestial. They were not any less captured by the beauty and mysticism of the heavenly bodies such as the planets, moons, and sun after some time. As a matter of fact, several were more thrilled as the nights get darker, while others were eager and anxious to wear something that reflects the pitch-black night’s sky.

Try to show off these nature-inspired silver jewelry pieces and create a look out of this world with a celestial impression inspired by the sun, moon, or stars.

Moonlight Pendant

Home on the Moon Earring

  • Beads and Beachy Looks feels like the Ocean is calling

Beachy sterling silver jewelry pieces are resurfacing to be the 90's summer-inspired jewelry trends. See for yourself how these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces could instantly liven the most serious outfits. These handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces can work their magic as statement pieces on their own or as glitzy layering pieces that can be combined in new ways every time you wear them.

Waves on a Starry Night Earring and Waves on a Starry Night Pendant

For instance, our Waves on a Starry Night Earring and Waves on a Starry Night Pendant pictures our artisan’s meticulous craftmanship with its sterling silver waves connected to a pinned black sandstone. These handmade silver jewelry pieces have a classic uniqueness and mysterious vibe that every lady loves to wear this Zoom Era.

Swimming Fishes Earring

Also, our Swimming Fishes Earring has an exciting fashion twist. One of the studs dangled in your earlobe with a long silver chain and placed at a bottom a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold plated fish. On the other hand, the other stud dangled in your earlobe with a short chain and placed at the bottom a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold plated fish. A must-have piece of nature-inspired jewelry that shows your fondness of fish and heightens your overall look, and adds luxury and elegance to it effortlessly.

  • Tell your story with Symbols

In 2021, we are telling our story with jewelry. From astrological signs to good luck charms—symbols are here to stay in 2021. A pendant, like me, LOVES to be the center of attention. Adding a symbolic pendant is the perfect conversation piece for your Zoom Happy Hour.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to have a quality item in jewelry with a price point obtainable by most that tell a story. Icons of good fortune, passion, and mysticism continue to be the captivating themes and styles trending in silver jewelry.  Layering styles on ears and necks and wrists and fingers remain the top jewelry trend. 

Check out these stunning nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Bamboo Pendant

Heartbeat Earring

Zen Dangle Earring

To Conclude

Now that you know the latest and most popular sterling silver jewelry trends to check out, it is time to begin your shopping/hunting for your wishful jewelry. Whether you just want to swap out a few items for trendier pieces or looking for a whole new jewelry collection, following these trends will be a great way to stay in style.  Adding dazzling bursts of color and audacious statement pieces is ideal for modernizing and filling your style. Bear in mind that everyone's taste in jewelry is distinct, so no matter what the trend is, keep your personal preferences, especially let your personality shine no matter what.

To establish a picture-perfect look with sterling silver jewelry, you must pick such designs in the limelight and compliment your personality. So, embrace new jewelry bits and pieces in your collection that will charm up your style and personality.  After all, who says you can’t style if you are at home. It’s about making a mark, irrespective of the location.

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