The Perfect Sterling Silver Jewelry Gift for Students and Teachers

Are you looking for something trendy and stylish to start your back to school fashion style?

I bet you are not just looking for something to wear but also for something to accessorize your outfit?.
We just have the best choice of accessories for students and teachers for their opening of classes. Students, especially girls, are anxious about being trendy and fashionable in their back-to-school looks. We offer you our handmade sterling silver jewelry.
Handmade jewelry is one of the current trends and up-to-date styles for back-to-school jewelry because of its value and quality design. For many students and teachers, handmade jewelry has a certain charm and high quality design since each jewelry has been created by artisans by putting their best personal attention and craftsmanship. Each piece started as a simple artwork and became a timeless masterpiece for the artisans and its clients.
Here are some facts about why people love handmade jewelry.

  1. By definition, handmade jewelry is literally made by the hands of artisans. The pieces are carved, soldered, and shaped without the use of machinery.
  2. As mentioned, since it is crafted without machinery, handmade jewelry takes an incredible amount of time. Hence, the value of time is evident.
  3. There is an intimate connection between one piece of jewelry to the maker or artisans, making it highly valuable and adorable.
  4. The value of materials involved in handmade jewelry is of stellar and high quality. Handmade textiles are sourced from highly reputable suppliers.
  5. The quality of handmade jewelry is higher since the artisans will track and control each jewelry piece production from start to finish making the artisans proud of their creations.
Now that you know the value of handmade jewelry, the next question will be why you will choose sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver is being used for over centuries now in every type of jewelry imaginable to create timeless and trendy designs.
Whether you are looking for everyday accessories or a timeless masterpiece, you will probably find sterling silver jewelry tailored to your personality or personal taste.
Here are some of the reasons why you should choose sterling silver jewelry for your back-to-school accessory.
  1. Sterling Silver jewelry can last a lifetime when maintained properly. It can still look beautiful and shiny after twenty years! To ensure you have authentic and quality sterling silver jewelry, look for marks such as .925 imprinted in it.
  2. Sterling Silver jewelry is a perfect accessory that will make you look your best all the time, all year-round.
  3. Sterling Silver jewelry is a soft metal that most jewelers find easy to mold and experiment with. It is indeed easy to handcraft design using a sterling silver metal. This means that there are endless choices and new innovations that sterling silver can offer.
  4. Anyone can easily have a sterling silver jewelry collection in no time. Having a lot of variety and choices, it will make it easy to build your jewelry collection. Sterling silver complements most metals, so you do not have to worry that it might not suit your other jewelry.
  5. Sterling silver jewelry is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect jewelry to start with your children’s. This is very important for earrings since you can wear them without fear of getting an infection since sterling silver jewelry can not cause any allergic reaction.

Since you now have the reason to choose handmade sterling silver jewelry. Now will be the time to present our own fascinating sterling silver jewelry suitable for students and teachers on their back-to-school jewelry collection. Our top pick for sterling silver jewelry that will make you look fashionable and stylish but will also be within your savings or parent’s budget for sure.
Are you looking for something fun and quirky?
We offer you our Pencil Shavings Collection Series and Pentagon Geometric Series.
Pencil Shavings Collection


This is a sterling silver jewelry collection comprised of a pencil shavings pendant, pencil shavings stud earring, and pencil shavings dangle earring. 
Each pencil shavings sterling jewelry pieces proves the adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” As a piece of jewelry in sterling silver and 18k gold plated, these pencil shavings jewelry look so elegant and expensive that you wouldn’t think about throwing them in the trash.
Each jewelry can be a back-to-school token for students and teachers. It will also be an excellent present for the art-lovers out there. Cleverly molded in a circle, the stud earring, dangle earring, and pendant look extraordinary and exquisite, making your accessory classic and timeless. It will surely add flair to your school uniform.
Pentagon Geometric Series
The Pentagon Geometric Collection Series is comprised of a pentagon geometric ring, pentagon geometric earring, pentagon geometric bangle, and pentagon geometric pendant. Each jewelry is a minimalistic design that proves its simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Each piece comes in either gold or silver in color. With a touch of natural Mother of Pearl, each jewelry has a luxurious look of Mother of Pearl finish.




This collection is a perfect token for your math teachers or your daughter, who loves math and geometry. Each piece will surely be an excellent fit for your everyday school outfit, be it for teachers or students alike.
Are you looking for something exquisite and exceptional to wear during your first day of school? Or a gift that will put a smile on your teachers? We offer you our: Question mark earring, Exclamation mark earring, and Creative Stair Earring.


Each earrings pair is exceptionally handcrafted.  Each earrings pair will bring a wittingly smile to anyone seeing you wearing it since it is a question mark and exclamation mark symbol. These symbols handcrafted into sterling silver jewelry will bring a smile and astonishment to the crowd as they see you wearing any of these fantastic pair of sterling silver jewelry. 
The Mother of Pearl on the bottom of each symbol, question mark, or exclamation mark made of 18k gold plated and sterling silver enhances your teacher’s or daughter’s classic beauty and adds glamour to her uniform or school outfit. A must-have pair of sterling silver earrings for every outspoken young and matured lady out there. 
Creative Stairs Earrings

Creative Stairs Earrings handcrafted by our leading artisans made of sterling silver with 18k gold plated. A fascinating miniature sterling silver jewelry indeed. This jewelry shows that the ordinary things we see around the school can be made extraordinary through sterling silver jewelry. This is an excellent pair of earrings meant for teachers and students for their back-to-school jewelry.
Any of these sterling silver jewelry pieces can be worn all school year long. But for it to be shiny and beautiful, here is some advice to maintain your sterling silver jewelry. Maintaining your sterling silver jewelry will surely boost your confidence and draw all eyes in the room to you and your sparkling silver all the time.

  1. Keep your sterling silver jewelry away from moisture and humidity since it will quickly tarnish your jewelry faster. This means to remove it when you are swimming or taking a shower.
  2. Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cold or dry place.
  3. Wear it more often to keep it shiny. This is one of thebest ways to keep it beautiful by showing it off.
Sterling silver popularity is guaranteed to be always in, and its latest designs will always be on-trend and stylish. So do not hesitate to invest and buy handmade sterling silver jewelry for your daughter. And it will surely be a great honor for your teacher to receive a gift for you that she will cherish and remember for a lifetime. Giving your teacher handmade sterling silver jewelry will surely be a treasure she will cherish forever. Kindly check our vast collection of handcrafted jewelry, where you can find the right fit for your favorite teacher.
Also, we invite you to check our sterling silver jewelry vast collection, where you can find the perfect jewelry that your daughter will love and wear all the time. It will surely add confidence and excitement, going to school every day wearing handmade sterling silver jewelry.

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"Something is handmade is so much more meaningful"

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