Plum Blossoms, its Symbolism and Meanings

She made a figure so beautiful and so perfect in size that she seemed to perfume all the air around her, and to express it in terms of flowers, to put even cherry blossoms to shame” - The Tale of Genji

In the majestic world of Ancient China, flowers always had a special place. Flowers were engaged with beauty and meaning that was part of people's lives. The language of flowers is present in every aspect of life in China, appearing as an everyday inspiration in art, literature, and speech.

If there is a flower that instantly is associated with the Orient, it is the Plum Blossom. In Japan and other Eastern culture, the most anticipated blooming event in Japan has always been between plum blossom and cherry blossom. Since Plum Blossom is celebrated with almost the same warmth and excitement as the Cherry Blossoms.

You might be wondering if there is really a difference for someone who is not familiar with either plum blossom and cherry blossom.

Let me walk you through how to tell which one is a plum blossom and a cherry blossom.

  1. Their Physical Characteristics

You can spot the difference between a plum blossom and a cherry blossom by looking for the following physical attributes of each tree:

  • Its Leaves

The leaves of Cherry Blossom Tree are green and in full bloom. While the Plum Tree Leaves are unrolled and reddish-purple color while other varieties have green leaves.

  • Its Petals

The petals of Cherry Blossom have a small cut at the end of each petal, whereas the Plum Blossom leaves do not have any cut. This is one of the most striking characteristics of each flower that can easily be distinguished right away 

  • Its Buds

Cherry Blossom Buds are oval and can have another one coming out of a cherry bud. While only one plum blossom can come out of a single bud, and its shape is round.

  • Its Barks

Cherry Blossom has a horizontal line and lighter gray tone color on its bark. In comparison, the plum blossom tree has a darker color, and no strings or stripes are visible on its bark.

  1. Their Fragrance or Smell

In this category, Plum Blossom wins since it has more sweet, flowery fragrance than Cherry Blossom.

  1. Their Color

Plum Blossoms have a red version that differentiated it from Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossoms can be found in various colors such as white, light, or dark pink.

It seems you are familiar with the Plum Blossom. It is time to learn more about its history, symbolism, and meanings. Keep on reading and be amazed why Plum Blossom has been a vital flower throughout history.

Its Origin

Plum Blossoms is said to be originated in Southern China along the Yangtze River and have been in existence since 3,000 years ago!

Its Location and Best Time to Bloom

Plum blossom is widely spread and cultivated in China. It can be found in Japan, Korea, and Tibet. The plum blossoms flowers start to bloom around mid-February and will usually last until mid-March.

Its History

China has a long history of Plum Blossom. Plum fruit has been used as the main ingredient for food for more than 3,000 years. In Chinese culture, plum blossoms have been used as ornaments in gardens for over 2,000 years.

During the Nara Period, Chinese aristocrats and priests were enchanted by trees' beauty. At this period, the Chinese symbolism of plum blossoms was introduced.

During the Tang dynasty, the plum blossom has been an essential and significant object for poems and paintings.

The peak of Plum Blossom's popularity was during the Song Dynasty, wherein many poets have written about the beauty, characteristics, and importance of Plum Blossom concerning their everyday lives.

In the 5th century, a royal princess and noblewoman started to use plum blossoms for decoration. This flower became popular even more.

Its Symbolism and Meaning

Since ancient times, Plum Blossom has been filled with meaning and mystery. Plum blossoms bloom at the end of the winter, and with this, they are called the herald of spring. They also symbolize perseverance because of how they can possibly bloom during the cold winter.

Since they are considered the first flower of the year, they also represent purity and renewal. As mentioned above, its flowers are supposed to have five petals. Its five petals are believed to carry 5 different blessings such as:

  1. Wealth
  2. Health
  3. Virtue
  4. Peaceful and natural death

This is one of the main reasons Chinese considered to have a plant or painting of plum blossom in Chinese New Year as a good omen. The guest who arrives will also benefit from these blessings. The number 5 is sacred in Chinese culture, so the plum blossom represents prosperity and success.

Plum blossoms have been long considered a ward against evil spirits. It is a famous garden tree, and you will find these trees standing guard in the northeast corner of many estate buildings and temples.

Plum blossoms are also a reminder to live your life in a new and better way possible because this flower can only be seen at its full bloom in a brief time.

For the Japanese, plum blossoms symbolize vitality, hope, and renewal.

Fun Facts about Plum Blossom

  1. It is the national flower of China
  2. Plum is fruit rich in vitamin C and K.
  3. Plums are one of the first fruits domesticated by humans.
  4. The juice extracted from plum can be man into wine.
  5. Plum can survive up to 20 years when it is taken care of.


The flowering plum fruit has been a significant item during the Ming dynasty. At this period, Its fruits have been cultivated for nutritional purposes. The plum fruits can be dried, honeyed, and pickled. At the same time, they can make a sour plum sauce. This sour plum sauce, when diluted in water, can be transformed into a summer beverage.

Plum Blossoms can be used as an accent on baked goods or iced cakes.

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