Magnolia Flower, Its Symbolism, and Meanings

Every flower enfolds a secret meaning and symbolism behind it. Flower symbolism has been developed and practiced for thousands of years already.  

Flowers are not only for decoration purposes, but they are also used to communicate and convey important messages and make our lives better. Flower symbolism comes with interesting facts about beautiful flowers in nature. It lets us see what is going on in with nature. At the same time, it will help us understand how a specific symbolic meaning came to life and how history, legends, and myths influence them.

People appreciated and loved flowers and nature in general. Still, flower symbolism is something interesting that we cannot ignore even today.

The Magnolia flower has been proven to be of existence for at least a hundred million years. Magnolias, being at the forefront of evolution, had to evolve with beetles for pollination because bees and butterflies have yet to exist! With this, magnolia blossoms evolve with simple petals arranged in concentric circles. This is so that beetles could walk on its tough petals and began pollination without damaging the flower itself. Thus, it is considered to be one of the first flowering plants that have evolved on Earth.

When you look at it closely, you will see a flora that is tough to survive the geological changes that happened for over a millennium.  Magnolias are truly impressive. A flower that is not easy to miss, for their fragrance and large blooms with numerous petals and tepals. Hence, it is a flower that lasts and endures the challenges of time and nature. A tough flower, indeed, that can withstand time.

 Magnolias are majestic and enchanting flowers that have a substantial symbolic value behind it. It is used to represent the beautiful nature of people. There are many stories, origins, and symbols about the Magnolia flower that we will thoroughly discuss through this article.

So keep on scrolling to have a complete picture of how beautiful and interesting is Magnolia flower. Learn more about how magnolia survives all these years and what makes it special and unique for thousands of years.

The Name

Magnolia flower has been named after the French botanist, Pierre Magnol (1638 - 1771), who helped scientists determine the family of plants based on their specie. Still, it was discovered by another French botanist, Charles Plumier, in Isle of Martinique, France. The Magnolia tree that Plumier discovered was locally named as "talauma."

 The Chinese began naming Magnolia as early as the 1600s and called it "Huo po."

William Sherard, an English botanist, is the one who began using the genus name magnolia and adopted the name that has been used until now, Magnolia.

 The Origin

Magnolia flowers are widespread in Asia and Central America. It is easily grown to tropical and subtropical temperate regions.

 Southern Magnolia grows naturally in North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.

 The History

Magnolias have been around on Earth for 100 million years. They are considered to be one of the first flowering plants that have evolved on Earth.

In 1740, a large magnolia arrived in the Nantes, France from North America. A botanist named Plumie, who was known to be the King of the Sun, was sent by Louis XIV to explore the world and collect the most beautiful species for the Garden of Versailles. While Plumie was staying in America, he discovered Magnolia. He named it after the director of Botanical Gardens in Montpellier, Pierre Magnol.

The Appearance

Magnolia flowers are fragrant flowers. Its flower is significantly attractive due to its large size structure that is very hard not to notice.

The Magnolia flower is from a Magnolia tree, and surprisingly it has no petals like other flowers. Instead, it is composed of tepals that are leaf-like, petal structures. These tepals formed 6-12 cup-like structures, Magnolia flower. Tepals are sepals that protect or cover the bud, and it has similar parts that resemble petals.

The magnolia tree in its natural habitat can grow more than 20m in height.

Magnolia Flower Symbolism

Magnolia flower meaning has an intriguing, interesting, and fascinating history affiliated with it. Its symbolism and meanings vary based on colors, different cultures, and locations.

The Magnolia is known to be a tough and hard flower that already adapt to changing climatic and geological conditions to survive for more than a million years now. This precisely is the reason why Magnolia flower, in general, means endurance, eternity, and long life.

The Magnolia flowers bloom beautifully as bold and as large in size with pleasing colors. It also has a distinct fragrance that further enhances its beauty. All these features represent the meaning of splendid beauty and magnificence that has been associated with Magnolia Flowers.

Another interesting message a magnolia flower conveys is that we need to have stability in life and confidence to walk through this life with our heads up high.

 It is not surprising that Magnolia is a very famous flower with a plethora of meanings and symbolism associated with it. It is one of the flowers that has been often chosen for several occasions and functions.

Now, the next time you are holding a Magnolia flower or give one to someone,  you are fully aware not only of its classic beauty but also its symbolic significance as well.

Different Types of Magnolia Flower and its Meanings

 According to Colors

  •  White Magnolia - signify purity and perfection. A message of kindness and innocence is explicitly express when you give a white Magnolia flower to anyone you love. At the same time, this fantastic flower is a strong reminder of living our life to the fullest based on our desires.
The white petals of this flower are linked to the Lunar Goddesses, namely Selene and Artemis. Hence, it also symbolizes the moon.
  • Pink Magnolia - convey youth, innocence, and joy. It also means shyness. It is practiced that the pink Magnolia flower is often a gift for girls who have not found true love yet.

Another intriguing symbolism of Pink Magnolia is it represents romance, love, and femininity. As a gift to someone you love, a Magnolia flower expresses a clear statement of strong affection and love for this person.

The pink petals of this flower are linked to Love Goddesses, namely Aphrodite and Venus. Hence, pink Magnolia became a representation of the feminine side. As decoration and ornaments in houses, Pink Magnolia brings a sense of welcoming.

  • Green Magnolia - connotes joy, health, luck, and good fortune.
  • Purple Magnolia - represents vibrations that help in achieving wishes of luck and health. Purple Magnolia, at the same time, is a symbol of spirituality, royalty, and dignity.

The purple petal in this flower symbolizes royalty and religion. It has been used throughout religious rituals back in the days.

  • Yellow Magnolia – stands for happiness, joy, and friendship. It is an ideal symbol of friendship. When given to someone, it serves as a beautiful reminder that you care and love the person receiving it. It is a subtle expression of your love and affection.

The yellow petals on this flower are linked to the Solar Goddesses, namely, Medusa and Sunna.

  • Red Magnolia – refer to passion, love, and romance. It also serves as a strong reminder to show our love and affection to the people dear to us. The red Magnolia is indeed a real eye-catcher that dictates our attention to it.

According to Countries and Cultures

  • Magnolia Denudata - commonly known as Jade Orchid, has been growing for thousands of years now in China. For Chinese, magnolia flowers represent purity and nobility.

Another symbol of magnolia flower in China is based on its Ancient History. A Chinese emperor expressed respect for the magnolia flower. Hence, the flower then becomes a symbol of strength and loyalty in love.

  • Hanakotoba - Magnolia flower in Japan means sublime, natural, and shows love of nature.
  • In Europe, during the Victorian period, the Magnolia flower indicates dignity, nobility, poise, and pride.
  • Another intriguing meaning of the Magnolia flower for Europeans is that the flower was to be given after the infidelity of an old lover. 

According to its Features and Usage

  • Strength of the flower - means self-respect and self-esteem
  • In weddings - symbolizes durability, the strength of character, and bearing
  • During Childbirth - Magnolia flower is referred to life force and can be sent over to mothers after childbirth. 

Fun Facts about Magnolia

  • Magnolia grandiflora, historically known as the Southern Magnolia, was nominated as the state flower of Louisiana in 1900.
  • The state flower of Mississippi nominated southern Magnolia by a legislative act in 1952.
  • The official nickname of Mississippi state is "The Magnolia State."
  • Mississippi also uses Magnolia as its state tree.
  • The city of Houston, Texas, is called "Magnolia City" because of its growing magnolia trees along the Buffalo Bayou.
  • Magnolia sieboldii, generally named as Siebold's magnolia, is the national flower of North Korea.
  • Magnolia flower is an ancient flower that its fossils dated back 20 million years ago.
  • Magnolia flowers can last over 10 years, while Magnolia trees can last for centuries.
  • Magnolia has become one of the popular girls' names associated with the Magnolia tree that means “very strong.” 

Benefits and Uses

Magnolia flowers, as well as its bark, has been traditionally and historically used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said to cure headaches, toothaches, lung problems, menstrual cramps, relaxing muscles, etc. Currently, it is now found in pills, powders, and tea.

Magnolia flowers have been famous around the world as an ornamental flower used for decoration purposes.

The wood of Magnolia is used for furniture and house building.


In today’s world, Magnolia flowers attract people not just because of its alluding beauty but also its secret meanings. As discussed, Magnolia represents a tremendous range of symbolism and meanings throughout history and different cultures. It has a plethora of positive implications and representation that makes this flower special, meaningful, and attractive flower.

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