Inspirational Designs for Nautical Jewelry

Are you a beach lover or passionate about cruising the vast blue sea?

The beach is where most people make memories dearest to them and enjoy the fondest moments ever. It is the place for a honeymoon destination, family reunion, and good times with friends. The truth is, we wanted to capture those fond moments so we could remember them for eternity. While it is evident that photos are a part of every vacation trip, there are other ways to remember those special vacation trips aside from digital technology, such as posting on social media or printing the photos. Having or wearing a piece of nautical jewelry is the best way to remember those moments in a timeless masterpiece.

Inspirations for Nautical Jewelry are drawn from boats and creatures that we have seen frequently on the shoreline or by cruising the vast ocean, such as whales and waves. For those who miss the sea, nautical jewelry pieces inspire the sense of relaxation and fun memories we had by the seaside.

The sea is so vast and deep that we have yet to uncover all its hidden mysteries, yet it remains an incredible source of inspiration for jewelry makers worldwide.

From the high seas to high fashion, nautical jewelry makes a "waving" comeback with a splash. Whether you are looking to upbeat your fashion and jewelry style, nautical jewelry is one of the most straightforward and most accessible trends to try because the possibilities for wearing nautical-inspired jewelry are endless. From sea-creatures you loved to see on the beach to ocean-themed designs you can wear every day all year round, there will be the right nautical jewelry just for you.

Here are some of the inspirational designs for nautical jewelry that would help you memorialize and hold the moment dear to your heart forever.

  • Sea Life Sterling Silver Jewelry

A trip to the beach is one of the best opportunities to nourish and relax our body and mind through immersion in nature. In Lotus Fun, our creative artisans handcraft a series of Sea Life Sterling Silver jewelry collections that capture your beach experience. With this, you can be mesmerized with the stunning oceanic creatures and take those memories with you wherever you go that feature popular sea creatures such as dolphins, fishes, and swan.

    • Swimming Whale Necklace

Our Swimming Whale Necklace pays tribute to the gentle giants of the sea. This jewelry captures the sense of peacefulness of whales. The golden whale itself is made movable as if it is swimming on a calm silvery sea.

    • Playful Dolphin Earring

Our Playful Dolphin Earring shows how dolphins strike a balance between being highly intelligent and in tune with their instincts. By merely being a playful creature playing with a ball made of either a lapis lazuli or pearl. A significant character we all love about dolphins. 

Dolphins have been a representation of peacefulness and gentleness throughout history. Therefore, wearing our Playful Dolphin Earring does not show your playful personality and expresses that you are a gentle and peaceful lady. This earring perfectly suits every young and adult lady, alike.

  • Beach themed Sterling Silver Jewelry

Are you looking for the ideal gift for someone you love that you met on the beach? Do you want to commemorate the most memorable experience you had with your special someone on the beach?

Our creative artisans handcrafted a series of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry, allow you to capture your most memorable beach experience forever in icons of beach cultures such as splash and sailboat.

    • Sailboat Necklace

    Unwind yourself and have a fun sunny day on a sailboat. This minimalist Sailboat Necklace captures the nautical beauty of sailing. The sailboat itself is made movable as if it is cruising on a calm silvery sea

      • Splash Stud  Earring and Pendant

     Splash Pendant
    Splash Stud Earring

      Splash Stud Earring and Splash Pendant are creating our artisan's unique art perceptions based on our human nature experiences. A symbolic beach icon that creatively handmade with love by our creative artisans reminds us of our unforgettable beach experience or displaying our passion for the beach whenever we wear any of these beach-themed sterling silver jewelry pieces.

      • Ocean-Themed Sterling Silver Jewelry

      Get ready to sail the ocean blue and make waves with our collection of ocean-themed sterling silver jewelry. Handmade with love by our creative artisans to reflect the ocean's captivating mystery and the sea's untamed beauty. These pieces will show your unique relationship with the sea and the moments you most want to remember.

      Waves are one of the ocean motifs inspired by nautical jewelry. These flowing lines show moving water and could create a sparkle that draws influence from the sun shining on the sea.

        • Waves on a Starry Night Earring

      “Life is like walking on the seashore, on a starry night. Footsteps vanish with waves of endurance and walking towards a destiny, reaching our hands to catch stars in our fists.” by Tanmay Madharia.

      An inspiring story speaks about a stunning sterling silver jewelry called Waves on a Starry Night Earring. The Waves on a Starry Night Earring pictures our artisans' meticulous craftsmanship with its sterling silver waves connected to a pinned black sandstone. This beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry has a classic uniqueness and mysterious vibe that every lady loves about their jewelry.

      Sandstone is also called the Goldstone and is a stone of empowerment and confidence. This sparkly stone stabilizes emotions, instills a positive attitude, and builds trust. A piece of magnetic nature-inspired jewelry that every working lady would love to wear every day. A must-have piece of sterling silver jewelry that will perfectly suit your casual or work outfit.

        • Moonlight over the Ocean Earring

      Staring at a vast ocean, sitting on the sand matched with the beautiful moonlight, is the inspiration behind the creation of our Moonlight over the Ocean Earring. Stunning silver jewelry dangles over your earlobe with a class and luxurious look that will enhance your beautiful face wearing formal attire on a special occasion.

      A piece of jewelry that is perfect for every practical lady who wants to look elegant and luxurious looks on a unique or formal occasion.

      • Fish-themed Sterling Silver Jewelry

      Take home a piece of sterling silver jewelry by wearing a perfect way to celebrate your passion for fishing, or simply express your experience for that special catch by wearing a fish-themed motif nautical jewelry.

      Fish jewelry is an inspirational gift with prime symbolic representations: fertility, abundance, creativity,  good luck, happiness, and knowledge.  The fish is one of the important symbols in the world's major religions and cultures.

      • In Judaism, as written in the Torah, God speaks to the fish as stated in Genesis 1:22 "And God blessed them saying: Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas." With this, the fish has been known to be a sea-living creature full of mystery since they dwell in the oceans' depths.  One of their custom traditions during the Sabbath is the fish offering, which is the source of blessings.

      • Their representation with fertility and abundance can be traced back to Genesis 48:16, wherein Jacob blessed the two sons of Joseph and said, "Let them multiply in the midst of the earth." The word multiply in Hebrew was derived from the Hebrew word "dagim," translated as fish.

      • In Jewish tradition, they believed that the fish is protected from the evil eye. As evident to this belief, many entrances of Jewish homes in Djerba, North Africa, have a"fish symbol" imprinted on their doors.

      • In Christianity, it plays a vital role in the gospels written by Mark 1:17 "Come after me, and I will make you become fishers of men" and Matthew 12:40 "Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish."

      • In Chinese Feng Shui, fish jewelry is considered a good luck symbol since the pronunciation of fish in Mandarin is similar to the Mandarin word translated as "abundance."

      • In Buddhism, the fish symbol represents a state of fearlessness and freedom as they wander from place to place.

      With this, our creative artisans handcrafted a series of sterling silver jewelry, inspired by the fish, as a powerful symbol to many cultures to this day. A piece of fish jewelry plays a significant part in human history and personal daily lives.

        • Fish Bells Jewelry Series

            • Fish Bells Earring
            • Fish Bells Ring
            • Fish Bells Necklace
            • Fish Bells Pendant
            • Fish Bells Bracelet
      Fish Bells Earring  Fish Bells Ring
      Fish Bells Necklace Fish Bells Pendant
      Fish Bells Bracelet

        Inspired by fish bells that hang and alert those around a bite, each of these fascinating bells hangs from your wrist, collarbone, or wrapped in your fingers, minuscule, yet making it a standout addition to your nautical jewelry collection.

        The stunning pieces of the Sterling Silver Fish Bells Jewelry Series show each bell's detail. Just look at each of the bells, fishes with intricate scales carving on each of them; a work of art.

          • Swimming Fishes Pendant and Earring

        Swimming Fishes Pendant  
        Swimming Fishes Earring

          Both the Swimming Fishes Pendant and Swimming Fishes Earring have an excellent and artistic way of showing how they swim by encircling three sterling silver chains hooked with 18k gold plated fishes. A fabulous and unique nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that every lady would want to add to their silver jewelry collection. Both the  Swimming Fishes Pendant or Earring enhance your casual or office attire by adding a spice of classic and glam to your outlook.

          The Swimming Fishes Earring has an exciting fashion twist. One of the studs dangled in your earlobe with a long silver chain and placed at a bottom a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold plated fish. The other stud, on the other hand, dangled in your earlobe with a short chain and placed at the bottom a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold plated fish.

          A unique masterpiece handcrafted by our creative artisans to shows the artistic and creative personality of a lady wearing this earring. A piece of stunning silver jewelry that will give an exciting and refreshing look on your Sunday or casual outfit.

          A must-have piece of nature-inspired jewelry that shows your fondness of fish but also enhance your overall look and add luxury and elegance to it effortlessly.

          We have every style of nautical sterling silver jewelry your heart could desire and species of sea creatures you could think of.  So what are you waiting for? Dive into our nautical jewelry collection and find the perfect jewelry to accessorize your summer outfit! We are sure you will find something you will love to wear or to gift to someone with sea-ready jewelry to wear forever.

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