Handmade Sterling Jewelry For Spring 2021

“The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” -Harriet Ann Jacobs

2021 has begun, and although some parts of the world we’re in the thick Winter and still going through lockdown measures. I bet everyone is looking forward to the upcoming warmer season, the Spring.

Last year, we all experienced being at home working and doing video conferencing, and some of us do not bother to dress up on these moments. But since we are now in what we call the Zoom era, jewelry and fashion professionals and designers had to adapt swiftly to the unique and “new normal” way of living. As said by Michael Kors, “I always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” With this, it is said that through communication, fashion, and jewelry meet and stand out. That is why it is essential to care about what we are on our virtual meetings. It is not because it is the right thing to do but also to show that we still belong by wearing what we think we should wear. As unique human beings, we will inevitably grow towards embracing what suits us.

Jewelry and fashion come hand in hand in translating anything that has been happening around us, culturally and geopolitically. Every piece of jewelry tells a story. These stories have been pass on for generations as lessons or lives they have to remember.

Jewelry trends emerge as a response to what the people as a community or culture experience, live by, and see. When we see a fine jewelry piece, we think of a gemstone and metal first, naturally. But with jewelry, we create objects that last a lifetime and can transcend from our current period to the future. We know that people who buy and own a piece of jewelry want it to be as relevant as tomorrow as it is today.

2020  has taught us that more immense forces beyond our control can change our daily life on a massive scale any day. This is evident as most of us are still working from home or back in our office full-time or part-time.

This year, jewelry is about to create an impact for yourself, yet it is comfortable to wear. It is about making a statement but still shows who you really are. Jewelry is the best accessory that feels more relevant than ever. There is something that a great piece of handmade jewelry is set to elevate mood and gives simple delight even on our work from home T-shirts or sweatsuits. At the very least, jewelry sparks a little creativity when dressing for a marathon of Zoom meetings, making the Spring Handmade Jewelry trend an exciting point of reference for invigorating your closet.

Moreover, nobody would like to wear ordinary or typical jewelry, and almost everybody would love to wear it, and handmade jewelry is the best choice for having a unique masterpiece. Handmade jewelry with a wide range of possibilities is a unique customized masterpiece that complements all sorts of outfits.

To witness Spring's most prominent handmade jewelry trend for yourself, keep scrolling and look at standouts as a head start to freshen up your jewelry assortment now. We will also show you what our creative artisans have stored for you to be trendy and fashionable this season and for the year 2021.

  • Handmade jewelry made of pearl

Many have been suffering from a severe wanderlust case. Many wanted to be out in the open, especially to the beach. Pearl jewelry has been handcrafted into a more creative and unique style to appeal to a much younger and mature generation.  This is the time to play up your pearl jewelry collection in a new way and create your own unique style. In this way, there is no doubt you will fall in love with this classic look all over again.

  • Triangle Pearl Earring

These minimalistic handmade sterling silver jewelry, Triangle Pearl Earrings are just sleek and stunning. They look immensely chic and sexy—a perfect choice for you who love elegant and cool jewelry that lasts.

  • Sparkly Mountain Pendant

Layers of natural Mother of Pearl and brushed gold plated sterling silver forms a happy and colorful tone on the Sparkly Mountain Pendant. In contrast with gold, seashells' natural color further brings a unique style to the mountains. A lovely and unique sterling silver jewelry handmade by our artisans for every wanderlust chic out there. A perfect accessory to express your desire and love of mountains.

  • Handmade Mismatched Earrings

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”Jessica Harrelson

As season inspires new life and new beauty, it is perfect for trying the mismatched earring jewelry trend, with a longer drop earring and a stud or simple two different earrings!

  • The Art of Circle and Square Earring

The Art of Circle and Square Earring shows the true essence of simplicity is beauty. A sterling silver square and circle shape connected with Mother of Pearl gave this one-of-a-kind minimalist jewelry a striking gold and pink finish. A handmade piece of jewelry looks so simple, yet it indeed has an extraordinary beauty.

  • Asymmetric Dangle Earring

Asymmetric Dangle Earring dangles in your ear with a fashion twist. Each earring has a different style. The left stud with a long silver thread holds the asymmetrical curve sterling silver shape on the bottom. In contrast, the asymmetrical curve on the sterling silver was attached in the middle. Both studs have the white-colored sphere differently positioned on each one.

A piece of jewelry that manifests real state-of-the-art jewelry shows our artisans' creativity and craftsmanship. Handmade sterling silver jewelry that sure will bring you a classic look this Spring 2021.

  • Handmade Jewelry with Flower as a Motif

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins”Algernon Charles Swinburne

This is the season known for the blossoming of beautiful flowers across the world, and there is no surprise that handmade flower jewelry is one of the fashion icons for Spring 2021.

  • Plum Blossom Jewelry Set

The bees buzz gently among the sprays of pink flowers on the purple-leafed cherry plum. As you walk past, a gust of wind sets off a shower of petals. This is the tree that announces Spring’s arrival in your garden.

When its pretty buds show pink, you will know the garden is starting to come back to life after a chilly winter.

This jewelry set is handcrafted intricately using natural pink shells. The flower sits on a silver branch delicately extended from a luscious golden sphere. The Plum Blossom Jewelry set is a definite conversation starter, a unique masterpiece that sure to get you noticed.

  • Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set

The gorgeous silver lotus rests beautifully on a piece of natural Aventurine. This work of art beckons to you ever so softly, as if whispering sweet words to you to draw you closer. 

The aventurine contrast enhances the lotus's charm in color; it brings out a silvery glow.

This Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set is the perfect gift for any lotus or floral loving lady and is set to be an ideal accessory to wear this season to look more refreshing and vibrant.

  • Vintage Handmade Jewelry

For Spring 2021, there is colossal popularity rising from younger generations to collect vintage pieces and to have a vintage touch on their outfit or appearance. There is something remarkable about having a part of history that can be easily associated with charm and character. Vintage handmade jewelry is the best way to add a hint of vintage style and, more importantly, add something classic and nostalgic to your collection.

  • Vintage Cloud Round Pendant and Earring

Vintage Cloud Round Pendant and Vintage Cloud Round Earring have a specific antiquity vibe that attracts women to look at it and try it on. Our artisans' admiration for the beauty of clouds is inspired by our artisans' admiration. This stunning pendant is a unique and handmade sterling silver jewelry.

The alluring vibe and simplicity of this nature-inspired jewelry will surely bring out your classic beauty this season.

  • Vintage Labradorite Pendant


Our Vintage Labradorite Pendant is a piece to look out for since it will give every lady a definite classic and elegant look wearing it. A piece of perfect jewelry to match their casual or formal outfit. In addition to its astounding beauty as a jewel is its purpose as a good luck charm to block any negativity or misfortunes you might encounter in this world.

Labradorite is a popular gemstone used by many jewelers throughout the years because of its stunning beautiful blue color perfectly matched with sterling silver. With this, our artisans are inspired to create a fantastic piece of sterling silver jewelry with Labradorite stone as the primary attraction.

  • Handmade jewelry made of Sterling Silver

This 2021 is the comeback year and season for sterling silver jewelry's delicate jewelry trend. Sterling silver jewelry has a subtle and classic character, but its trendy design has a vintage vibe with a modern twist this year. What is more exciting about this is that, silver jewelry is more affordable and best suited for almost every one’s financial capacity for 2021.

  • Honeybee Earring Stud

This adorable Honeybee Earring Stud is handmade by our artisans and made of Sterling Silver. An astounding stud to add to your collection and sure be trendy for this season. A must-have set of earrings can be worn every day and suited for any fashionwear type.

  • Lotus Symbol Necklace

The Lotus Symbol Necklace symbolizes beauty and rebirth; it is born from murky and muddy water. The lotus emerges from the darkness, blossoming above the water, spreading its magnificent petals. This classic sterling silver jewelry is handmade by our artisans and is perfect for all sorts of fashion wear, which is a fashion statement for this spring 2021.

  • Handmade Jewelry with a Gemstone

Color is the news of the season. As most popular gemstones have a wide variety of bright colors, it is no doubt that wearing a piece of handmade gemstone jewelry has its comeback for this Spring 2021.

The gemstone also is known for its meanings and charm. Therefore, many women incorporate gem into their collection to add color to their wardrobe and bring charm, energy, and protection to oneself.

  • Hand of God Earring and Pendant

The Hand of God Earring and  Hand of God Pendant is inspired by Michelangelo's painting, which forms part of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. The art piece is called The Creation of Adam. Each piece is unique and charming handmade jewelry made of Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver. A perfect accessory to wear this Spring 2021 as Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection and aids to negate harmful energies coming your way.



  • Candy Gemstone Necklace

Our Candy Gemstone Necklace looks so enticing to eat, but it is more attractive to wear. It will bring you happiness and joy because of its dynamic color. It could also help you reminisce about your happy childhood wherein candy can stop you from crying and give you a smile. The Candy Gemstone necklace will express your sweet personality. A perfect necklace to achieve a charming chic look. 

The Candy Gemstone Necklace is a piece of sterling silver jewelry with a gemstone. You could choose your gems from Amazonite, Aquamarine, Prehnite, or Beryl that indeed fit your personality. 

There you have it, the most prominent jewelry trend for Spring 2021, and as you can see, there are no rules that say you need to match your accessory! As you noticed, I suppose the pieces of handmade jewelry mentioned and showed above many complements one another. So why not mix and match to shape a unique look of your own? When it comes to jewelry, 2021 is the year to get creative.

Take a wander into our online store, Lotus Fun, to find a more spectacular selection of handmade jewelry and for you to pick the jewelry that will make you trendy and fashionable this season.

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"Something is handmade is so much more meaningful"

Beth Wert