An Ultimate Guide to October Birthstone

The Birthstones for October

October, like some other months, has more than one birthstone. It has two powerful crystals that influence the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. The first October birthstone is Opal, and Tourmaline is a secondary stone.

Opal is commonly known to be a seductive stone due to its connection with desires and eroticism. It helps maintain a balance between love and passion. Wearing a piece of opal jewelry may bring loyalty and faithfulness in any relationship.

On the other hand, Tourmaline is a famous stress reliever gemstone. It helps in increasing the mental awareness of a person and improving their immune system. Also, it can reduce any toxin-related illnesses.

The planet of Venus rules Libra, and wearing opal jewelry can help you find balance in everything. While wearing a tourmaline as an amulet, support Scorpio in managing their life every day. It is like no matter how bad your day can be, using Opal and Tourmaline can keep you away from resentment.

Tourmaline is a colorful alternative birthstone for those born in October, due to its complex composition of many minerals.

What’s the Color of the October Birthstone?


Opal has a comprehensive collection of each color within the opal. However, there are common categories of this stone, and here are some of them:

  • White Opals – it has a milky white tone that emits beautiful pastel colors
  • Black Opals – it has a dark tone that reflects gray, blue, and green colors.
  • Blue Opals – it has a light to deep blue tone with an orange, sandy, earth colors.
  • Pink Opals – it has peach and salmon tone with black and deep orang-spotted colors
  • Tricolor Opals – it has rare silver with satin colors.


              The Tourmaline’s color display changes from different angles. This is commonly known as “pleochroism.” Here are some of the known Tourmaline colors:

  • Iron-rich Tourmalines – it has black or bluish-black to deep brown color.
  • Magnesium-rich Tourmalines – it has brown to yellow color.
  • Lithium-rich Tourmalines – it has a blue, green, red, yellow, and pink colors.
  • Watermelon Tourmalines – it has green to pink color.
  • Paraiba Tourmaline – it has a neon blue color.

Tourmaline: History

During the 16th century, Spaniards and Portuguese discovered green and blue tourmaline while at the same time they are looking for gold. They mistakenly thought that the green and blue tourmalines are emeralds and sapphires. So the traders found specific and definite ways to differentiate these stones from emeralds and sapphires. They then called it using a Sri Lankan word meaning mixed gems that they used to refer to crystal gems they have found on the island of Ceylon.

The traders from Europe, especially the Dutch, began to import tourmalines in the 1600s. At the same time, the demand for Tourmaline stones started to increase. In the year 1963, the Tourmaline stone became popular in the United States. It was famous in Maine and California that it was then valued as an American gemstone. However, despite its growing demand and popularity, the primary source of Tourmaline in the 19th century is China.

But during the half of the 20th century, miners have discovered large Tourmaline deposits in Brazil. During this period, the demand for Tourmaline has expanded, and almost all around the world is you will find Tourmaline mines. Thus, in the 1950s, fine tourmalines can be produced in Madagascar, Tanzania, Russia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The power of Tourmalines had been developed over the centuries now based on different cultures. Notably, in Ancient India, they have used tourmaline as a useful tool to see good things. And today, Tourmaline gemstones have serves as a charm to protect people from any cause of danger.

Tourmaline: Symbolism and Meaning

The meaning of the tourmaline birthstone is power and protection. Tourmaline symbolizes power and is thought to get rid off pollutants, toxins, and negative thoughts.

In Ancient Egypt, it was said that the Tourmaline passed through a rainbow as it emerged through the earth to the surface. The Sri Lankan words “tura mali” are the roots of the gemstone’s name, which literally means “the stone of mixed colors.”

This October birthstone rates to 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it a durable gem, suitable for everyday wear.

Tourmaline: Origins

The earliest records confirm that Tourmaline was discovered in the 16th century in Brazil. Though this wasn’t confirmed until the 19th century. Tourmaline deposits can now be found in countries like Australia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, United States, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Tanzania, and Pakistan.

The Spiritual Meaning of October Birthstones


Opal, based on ancient history, symbolizes loyalty and assurance, which became associated with religious prayers. Opals have believed to yield different therapeutic powers based on its various colors, which in particular means as follows, the red opal is to cure or stop bleeding while the green opal is to cure illnesses. Romans believed to carry opal stones as a luck charm because they think to bring good fortune just like the rainbow.

The transparent yellow-orange opal, commonly known as honey opal, was mined in Hungary, specifically in Dubnik and Tokaj Mountains. The production eventually slowed down until no more honey opal can be mined anymore by the 18th century. Right after that, Australia has become the world’s leading source of opal. Australia yields over 90% of the production of opal in the world market even up to this day. Opal has also been available in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.


The secondary stone tourmaline has been providing healing and protection energy to the ones wearing it. Shamans, in ancient history, has been calling Tourmaline stones as receptive stone because it is believed to be able to soothe, calm, and promote meditation and wisdom. Tourmaline has become popular in its power to be able to aid body circulation and relieve stress.

The Health and Healing Benefits of the October Birthstones


October birthstone is beneficial in promoting good memory, eyesight, skin, hair, and nails. It is ideal for fighting infection and strengthening the immune system. It is very much useful in cleaning internal organs such as kidneys.

Opals have been associated with female hormones, which reduces any kind of discomfort brought up by having menopausal, childbirth, and premenstrual syndrome. Moreover, opal helps to balance your body’s water content to avoid dehydration. Opal has been used to stabilize patients with Parkinson’s disease and drug addiction to help patients regain their control over such conditions.


The tourmaline gemstones have healing properties to help maintain the digestive and pulmonary system to be healthy. This October birthstone can aid in treating adrenal and mental disorders like trauma, depression, and anxiety.

The Blue Tourmaline, in particular, helps to clear one’s mind while the Green Tourmaline revitalizes one’s body by providing strength and energy to its immune system. Black Tourmaline, on the other hand, removes all the toxins in your body, while the Pink Tourmaline will keep one’s heart-healthy and robust. Finally, the Red Tourmaline will improve a reproductive system, blood circulation, and cardiovascular health.

How to Choose a Tourmaline Birthstone Jewelry

The most common method of treatment or enhancement of Tourmaline is via heat. The heat will produce the color of the stone to shine through brilliantly and be more vivid. The heat will also yield to have a much deeper hue than if it were left untreated.

The heat brings out the overall value and durability of the stone, and it does not destroy or hinder it in any way. It produces or instead yields to make the colors look more vivid, which is already noticeable within the Tourmaline gemstone.

The Tourmaline stone’s ideal cut to make is to have a rectangular cut because it produces or makes a more extended cut. The rectangular-cut is a definite cut that shows the depth, brilliance, and beauty of a Tourmaline stone in every angle possible. Nevertheless, to yield further color depth, you might want to consider cutting in a substantial angle possible that you might want to make in your Tourmaline stone.

This October birthstone is also a stone known not only for its perfection of vivid colors but also for its small inclusions, such as its imperfections. When you wanted to look for the reason that may affect the price negatively, you might want to consider not to look for any inclusions. But instead, you will look closely at the difference of the Tourmaline gemstone’s color. If you find out or see a white hue that encompasses a Tourmaline gemstone, then you know immediately that the price will be affected. Thus, it may be significantly reduced.

Always remember that the clearer a tourmaline gemstone is, the higher value of the stone. The most significant element to consider when buying or purchasing a tourmaline is the color. The Tourmaline color is responsible for its own price tag, and this factor will definitely affect your budget either positively or negatively, depending on your budget.

When you are looking for an alternative stone to emeralds, a sophisticated choice, as well as a popular choice, is by choosing a Red and Green Tourmaline. The Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline is the most expensive because it is clear with a neon blue or green color. Always remember that the rarer the color of the stone, the higher that the price tag will rise expectedly.

Caring for your Tourmaline Jewelry

The right way to clean your tourmaline jewelry is monthly to wash it with warm and soapy water. Kindly use gentle soap so that you might not want to damage your jewelry. You must remember to dry it off with a soft cloth and let it dry completely before storing the Tourmaline jewelry. You must store or place your Tourmaline jewelry in a soft cloth or container to keep it safe and scratch-free.

Final Thoughts

Opal and Tourmaline are suitable for pendants, earrings, and rings. Each stone has a unique and ideal design. Opal and Tourmaline are considered Queen of Gems because of its beautiful and magical colors. These colors change when the light catches the right spot.

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